My Sister Was Murdered And TikTok Helped Me Hunt Her Killer Down

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Alissa Turney, Sarah Turney’s older sister, disappeared into thin air in the year 2001. Sarah made use of every trick in the book to track down her sister. She created an Instagram account, a Facebook group, and even a blog titled “Justice for Alissa.”

Alissa Turney

She also began her own podcast, Voices for Justice, and went on several interviews with regional and national media to discuss her sister’s disappearance. But it was all to no avail. Finally, years later, TikTok happened to come to the rescue.

Sarah Never Gave Up

Sarah was truly an advocate for justice, and she finally found what she was looking for on the popular social media app, TikTok. She said that she wanted a fresh perspective from young eyes, so she decided to present just the facts of her sister’s disappearance on the platform.

Alissa and Sarah Turney
Alissa and Sarah Turney. Source: Instagram

Sara has amassed more than 1 million followers on TikTok, and she spent a significant amount of time talking about her sister on the app.

The Day Her Sister Went Missing

Sarah posted a video on TikTok where she recalls the day that her sister disappeared. Their mother, Barbara Strahm, had recently passed away from cancer. The two girls were living with their stepfather Michael Turney at that time.

Sarah’s video on TikTok

Sarah states that she arrived home from school that day to find her sister’s bedroom turned upside down. There was a note that said that she would try to make it on her own in California. Her cell phone remained on the dresser.

A Shocking Incident Occurs Years Down The Line

Seven years after the disappearance of young Alissa Turney, the police in Phoenix happened to make a truly horrifying discovery in the house of Michael Turney. They found several pipe bones, two silencers, and several incendiary devices at the place.

Michael Turney
Michael Turney. Source:

Michael Turney completely denied all of the accusations that were laid against him. He claimed that he had been planning on committing suicide to bring awareness to Alissa’s disappearance.

Justice Is Finally Served

Due to her unrelenting efforts on social media, Sarah was finally able to get Alyssa’s case submitted to the county attorney’s office. Six months later, her stepfather, Michael Turney, was ultimately convicted of Alyssa’s death.

Sarah and Alissa as children
Sarah and Alissa as children. Source:

It was only due to Sarah’s commitment to the truth that caused this outcome. She posted several videos and audio recordings on TikTok, which elaborated on the conversations that she and her sister had with her stepfather. Sarah continues to rifle through all of the case documents and her home videos to find new information. She claims that she is never going to stop doing this for her sister.