Man Tries to Win Ex Back by Kidnapping Her and Murdering Two Others

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May 12th, 2002, was when the police received a 911 emergency call stating that two people had been shot dead at a suburban home in Arkansas. Upon examining the crime scene, the officer remarked that the incident looked very much like an execution.

Carter Elliott and Timmy Wayne Robinson
Carter Elliott and Timmy Wayne Robinson. Source:

The two men had been lying face down and holding their hands upward. There was also a white towel on top of one of the men’s heads, which had been used to silence the gunshot sound.

A Young Woman Finds The Bodies

Brandy, a young woman in a relationship with one of the dead men, was the first to find the bodies in the suburban home.

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She identified the two men as Carter Elliott (a businessman whom she had been dating) and Timmy Wayne Robertson, a close friend of Carter. The two men had been living together in recent days.

The Investigation Begins

The police had only one question regarding this incident: who was behind these gruesome killings?

Female detective working late at FBI office
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Interviews around the neighborhood revealed absolutely nothing. Nobody had heard anything out of the ordinary, and the police were left without any suspects. Brandy was also unable to think of anyone who would wish to harm the two men.

The Police Keep Digging

The police turned towards the friends and family of the two victims next. They found out that Carter and his ex-wife. Lark split up in 1992 after a bitter divorce.

Richard Conte
Richard Conte. Source:

Following this, Lark moved to Utah and had a second marriage with someone named Dr. Richard Conte. The police successfully verified her alibi and thought nothing more of the matter until Lark suddenly disappeared one day. Upon further investigation, authorities could track Lark down in a remote cabin that belonged to Dr. Conte.

A Disturbing Secret Is Revealed

Conte immediately confessed to kidnapping Lark. Apparently, he wanted to try and convince Lark to get back together with him. The police also found several pieces of evidence that pointed to the homicide of the two dead men. They believed that he wished to remove all of his competition.

Richard Conte
Richard Conte. Source:

However, they were unable to prove this in court, and Conte went to jail for kidnapping. 2 days before he was due to be released. Almost a decade after the crime had been committed, the prosecutors were able to get Conte charged with and convicted of the murder of Carter Elliott and Timmy Robertson.