Twice Married, Thrice Engaged – All to a Different Women

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The city of Stinnett in the state of Texas, America, isn’t some big fashion capital city. Most of us have barely ever even heard of this place before. Jason collier changed that overnight. He was duty-bound police chief of their police department, at least that’s what we thought.

Jason Collier, pictured with Cecily Steinmetz
Jason Collier with Cecily Steinmetz. Source: Facebook/Stinnett Police Department

It was a day of great joy and happiness to a young woman Cecily who just got engaged to the man of her dreams, Jason Collier. But like all good things, this too came to a rather dramatic end when she found out he was married to another woman she had no idea about.

The Beginning of the End

When she confronted her fiancé about this, he did the same thing all cheating husbands do – Lie. He sent her a picture of an annulment done between him and his “alleged” wife. Not to be fooled, our dear Cecily contacted the judge in whose church the annulment is said to have taken place.

Jason Collier with Cecily Steinmetz
Jason Collier with Cecily Steinmetz. Source: Facebook

The judge immediately recognized the completely fake document and conveyed the same to her. Armed with the judge’s texts about how the annulment is fake, our hero Cecily posted many pictures tagging Collier, including the fake annulment document on Facebook.

The Truth That Will Set You Free

Sure enough, it quickly gained momentum, and one by one lot of women who were all under the assumption that he was all theirs started to come out. That one Facebook post quickly became a bomb and destroyed Jason’s life as he knew it.

Jason Collier with Cecily Steinmetz
Jason Collier with Cecily Steinmetz. Source: Facebook

One weekend he was happily enjoying vacation with his new fiancé, the following week, well… shit. He was immediately put on leave by the police department, pending investigation. Ouch! After he was apparently forced to leave, his temporary leave quickly became a permanent resignation.

Time Has Never Run Out so Quickly

The first thing he was charged with was for creating a fake government document. One by one, as the women came forward, this seemingly simple case of cheating became so much more. Jason collier married at least two women. He was engaged with at least three. And had at least fifteen!

Jason Collier
Jason Collier with his fake annulment documents. Source:

The worst part is, we still have absolutely no clue if this is the final number. His bail bond is set at $10,000 pending investigation. We’ll just have to wait and see what else spills out for this smooth criminal.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

While it is unknown exactly how many women he cheated on, we can all rest assured that he will probably go away for a long time. A lot of women have had children with him, and their future now seems uncertain at best.

To the victor, go the spoils. That’s probably what he had imagined when he first started this ring.

Former Stinnett Police Chief Jason Collier arrested
Source: YouTube

How in hell he managed to keep it a secret for so long will probably forever be a mystery. The best we can do is make sure we aren’t fooled by the likes of him anymore.