Surviving Weeks in Sub-Zero Temperatures With Nothing but His Bare Hands

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Tyson Steele had always cherished a dream of living out in the Alaskan wilderness in his cabin. His dream had almost come true, and he was living a peaceful life until a raging inferno turned his home into ash.

Tyson Steele
Tyson Steele. Source:

He now had nothing with him and no one to help him. He had also lost his dog in the fire. Forty-five miles away was the nearest road, but Tyson had no way of covering that distance in sub-zero temperatures.

A Terrifying Ordeal

Just one night before the fire was to take away this man’s home, Tyson had texted on a family group chat with a joke. He usually sent texts at least every ten days, and it took that long for his family to begin worrying about Tyson when one of his regular jokes did not come their way.

Ashley Kewish Sampson and Tyson Steele
Ashley Kewish Sampson and Tyson Steele. Source: Twitter

Tyson knew that it would take at least a month for help to reach him. He was utterly weakened not only by the fire but also by the unrelenting cold temperatures.

Left With Nothing in the Wilderness

Tyson could not rescue more than a few sleeping bags, a rifle, and some clothes from the fire. His phone was lost to the flames, and as such, he had no way of communicating with his family.

Alaska State Troopers showed Tyson Steele waving for help.
Helicopter footage released by Alaska State Troopers showed Tyson Steele waving for help. Source:

Having to fend for himself with absolutely nothing on his hands, Tyson grew weak after shoveling snow to put out the fire and lugging around wooden logs all day.

His Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

Tyson had always been a traveler with an undying wanderlust, which led him to lead a Nomadic life ever since college. He had traveled to Utah, Mexico, China, and Juneau before finally settling down in the Alaskan mountains in 2019.

Tyson and his S.O.S signal
Source: YouTube

The beautiful landscape at the edge of the world looked absolutely perfect. It was genuinely treacherous terrain, but this did not matter to the adventurous spirit in him.

When Help Finally Arrives

A helicopter finally arrived on the 23rd day of Tyson Steele living in the Alaskan wilderness with absolutely nothing other than his bare hands. Tyson re-entered city life only to find that this was just as terrifying as his days at the edge of the world.

Tyson Steele spoke with a member of the Alaska State Troopers
Tyson Steele spoke with a member of the Alaska State Troopers. Source:

Tyson lost everything in the fire. He lost his home, all his worldly possessions, and even his dog, his closest companion. But he didn’t lose his spirit. He emerged from it all a brave man ready to take on the rest of the world.