The Tragic Mask Behind the Comedy of Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson has carved a reputation for himself as more than just a comedian. This brilliant individual has made some iconic appearances on Saturday Night Live and has also popped his head in and out of MTV shows such as Guy Code, Wild ‘n Out and Fallosophy. He is also famous for his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, pop star Ariana Grande.

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Even though Davidson has managed to climb the ladder of success, his life has not always been a bed of roses. Here is a peek into the tragic life of this famous comedian.

The September 11 Attacks Resulted in a Personal Loss

Pete Davidson happened to lose his father to the attacks that occurred at the World Trade Centre on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. He was just seven years old when this happened.

A young Pete Davidson with his father, Scott.
A young Pete Davidson with his father, Scott. Source:

At such a young age, Davidson found it challenging to deal with his father’s loss. He was forced to seek assistance from mental health professionals to deal with this traumatic incident.

The Secret to Managing Crohn’s Disease

Not many people know that Pete Davidson has been tackling a problematic chronic illness all his life. Ever since his teenage years, Davidson has had Crohn’s disease and its consequences.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
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In one particular incident, Davidson was called out for his dark circles, which is the common symptom of his disease. However, his then-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, had his back. She clapped back at the person in double-quick time.

Addiction Takes Hold of Davidson

Davidson has remarked that no medication has been able to help manage his chronic illness and marijuana. Predictably, this comedian ended up getting addicted to this drug. He had to be checked into rehab in the battle against his marijuana addiction.

Pete Davidson on Being Sober - SNL
Pete Davidson on Being Sober – SNL. Source: YouTube

Fortunately, Davidson has never missed an opportunity to mention the wonders of rehab. He even spoke about it on one of his appearances on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has remarked that rehab was helpful not only for his addiction problems but also for his mental health.

Pete Davidson Is in the Grips of a Psychological Disorder

In addition to his physical problems, Pete Davidson has had borderline personality disorder all his life. Davidson wished to provide hope and inspiration to others suffering from the same disorder. This is why he decided to open up about it on Instagram in the year 2017.

Actor Pete Davidson poses in the press room at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards
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A lot of people have showered praises upon Davidson for his decision to go public regarding his disorder. It has helped to remove the stigma and create awareness amongst the people.