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Gur Tirosh has been a content person for more than 25 years and is fascinated by a good story. He's always looking to deliver engaging articles on various topics. Gur also enjoys watching crime detective movies and dancing in front of the mirror to Backstreet Boys when no one is around. BTW - James Petterson rocks!!

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Diane Downs is considered one of the worst mothers in the world. After heartlessly taking out her own children in a horrific act of selfishness, she continues to deny it.

Chippendales is a famous establishment in pop culture. We all saw Magic Mike. But the history behind the club is dark and intriguing.

Billy Milligan made headlines after becoming the first person to successfully win a court case using an identity disorder (DID) as his defense.

Most women would run far away from a jealous lover who tried to blind them. Not Linda Pugach; she married the man instead.